Interlayer Sound Insulating Material

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Interlayer Sound Insulating Material

Interlayer Sound Insulating Material

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Interlayer Sound Insulating Material

Interlayer Sound Insulating Material

Interlayer sound insulating material
Sound-proof insulation, SuperLon is made of cross-linkable polyethylene with module Product specifications to minimize the sound impact between floors; the soft rolled type is easy to be installed and optimized for standard floor structure.
Product Specification
Configuration Remarks
Thickness Width Length
20T 1M 15M / Roll Roll Type
30T 1M 12M / Roll
Construction Method
Installation Process
Product Structure
Product Material Cross-linkable polyethylene 20mm, 30mm
Product Specification 20mm * 1M * 15M / 30mm * 1M * 12M
Product Features

Sound insulation and sound absorption

It has excellent sound insulation and sound absorption, using 3-dimensional network structure material of foam ethylene that can reduce noise; it has great effect on light and heavy sound by a wide frequency range of applications.

Insulation and non-absorbency

It has a low thermal conductivity due to its independent foam structure; it has excellent insulation effect and its non-absorbent material does not deteriorate insulation performance in the long term.


No chemical change to the surface and no physical change by temperature.


It has perfect resilience against load.


The product is waterproof with concrete sealing and seamless foam layer between the upper and lower part for airtight installation and no foam crack.

Convenient installation

The product standardization makes installation convenient at the site and unnecessary to separate; it has excellent elasticity and hence durability during and after installation.

Environment friendliness

No environmental problem during construction or dismantlement for no use of adhesive.


It has high safety for low dynamic deformation characteristics such as residual deformation by fixed load, falling object, or movement of resident.


Its flexible material is fully adhered to the floor.
Certificates and test reports
  • [20T, 30T / Density out dynamic elastic module]
  • ISO 9001
  • Quality Management Certificate
  • Quality Management Certificate
  • Quality Assurance certification
  • Venture Business Certificate
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