Heat-reflective insulation

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Heat-reflective Insulation

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Heat-reflective Insulation

Heat-reflective insulation

Heat-reflective insulation
Heat-reflective insulation SuperLon complements the disadvantages of existing bulk insulation such as performance degradation by physical properties, inconvenient handling and installation and economic efficiency; it is multi-functional multi-layer reflective insulation including pure aluminum foil, polyester and polyethylene layer for optimum insulation.
  • Blocking heat loss

    Surface reflectance of ALUMINUM FOIL is more than 90%, blocking radiation from the outside in summer, and it is effective in reducing heating cost, blocking thermal loss with low-emissivity (0.03ε) in winter.
  • Sealability

    Airtight installation is applicable to areas such as column, beam and corner where bulk insulation cannot be installable.
  • Moisture resistance

    Polyethylene foam is moisture-proof to prevent deterioration of insulation performance.
  • Construction-ability

    A single installation up to 60T reduces labor cost and shortens construction time.
  • Breakage prevention

    A soft product prevents breakage during installation and handling and maintains a clean site.
  • Operability

    Easy to cut and transport; no insulation damage when handling with the finish materials.
Product Specification
Configuration AL film + polyester (long fiber non woven fabric) + cross-linkable polyethylene (PE) foam
Thickness Length Remarks
5T 45m/Roll Flat Plate Type
6T 50m/Roll
10T 25m/Roll
13T 25m/Roll
20T 20m/Roll Flat plate + Perforated Type
30T 10m/Roll
Options Double sided AL, copper foil AL, adhesive type
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