Low radiation insulation

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Low Radiation Insulation

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Low Radiation Insulation

Low radiation insulation

Low radiation insulation
Low-emissivity insulation SuperLon blocks up to 97% of radiation, using aluminum plate and multi layered polyethylene (PE) honeycomb to maximize thermal insulation performance.
  • Performance Certification

    Certified by <Energy Saving Design Criteria of Construction> of the Ministry of Land, Transport and Transport
  • Eco-friendliness

    Certified as the best grade of eco-friendly building materials
  • Economics

    Thinner than bulk insulation, maximizing the utility of building space
  • Construct-ability

    Flexible material easy to install and airtight construction effectively blocking heat and cold bridge
  • Durability

    Moisture-proof aluminum film with anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion coating maintains insulation performance
Product Specification
Configuration AL film + Polyethylene (PE) foam / Perforation + AL film
  • 4OT (M * 10M / ROLL)
  • 5OT (M * 8M / ROLL)
  • 6OT (M * 7M / ROLL)
  • 8OT (40T * 2 layers)
  • 10OT (50T * 2 layers)
  • 12OT (60T * 2 layers)

Allowable error ± 5% in Polyethylene (PE) Thickness

Construction details
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